The Sources of All Sins

All praises be to Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon His messenger, and his family and all of his devoted companions.

A worthy explanation we’d like to write down tonight (4 Jumad al Uula 1430 H) is a beautiful strings of advices from Ibnu Qoyyim al Jauziyyah written in his full with benefits book, Al Fawa’id.

Ibnul Qoyyim -may Allah have mercy on him- said,

The Sources of All Sins are derived from 3 matters

First, is arrogance or pride (al kibr). This is the quality of Iblees thus he averted and went astray.

Second is greed (al hirsh). This is the quality that caused Adam to be expelled from Heaven.

Third is envy (al hasad). This is the quality that caused one of the son of Adam to killed his brother.

Ibnul Qoyyim -may Allah have mercy on him- said, “Whoever liberated from these 3 qualities will be protected from all evils. (Be known), infidelity derived from arrogance. Wickedness derived from greediness. And transgressing and oppressing derived from the quality of envious.”

Those are valuable advices from the doctor of the heart, Ibnu Qoyyim al Jauziyyah. This quality of  arrogance made iblees stayed in his infidelity. Because the meaning of arrogance according to the Prophet -peace and blessings of Allah be upon him- is denying the truth and undermining others (mankind).

From the authority of ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbas, The Prophet -peace and blessings of Allah be upon him- said,

“Pride means rejecting the truth and looking down on people.” (Narrated by Muslim).

This hadith was entitled by An Nawawi in Sahih Muslim as “Chapter: The Prohibition of Pride and Definition of it.”

Arrogance is a quality that prevents his possessor from entering the Paradise which is full with joys. From ‘Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood, The Prophet -peace and blessings of Allah be upon him- said,

“No one who has an atom’s-weight of pride in his heart will enter Paradise.” (Narrated by Muslim).

Greediness makes one susceptible to fall into wickedness. Look how Adam -may peace of Allah be upon him- was thrown out from Paradise, because he ate the forbidden plant. This Wickedness derived from greediness. The same happened to those who are easily fall into adultery, going alone with the opposite of sex without their mahrom (ones who are forbidden to be married with), watching the inappropriate pictures such as porn pics; all happened due to greediness within one’s soul.

While the quality of being envious will lead one to trespass the laws and oppress others. When he sees his friend’s new cellphone, or luxurious laptop, he will be envious, thus he wishes the luxuries to vanish from his friend. As the result, he will do anything to achieve his wishes, either by stealing the properties, or even killing his friend.

Those are the 3 qualities to be avoided by every Muslim. Indeed, by avoiding these qualities, one will be hindered from every evildoings. Because, as what explained by Ibnul Qoyyim previously, these qualities are the sources of all sins.

Hopefully this brief writing could soften our hearts and lead us to do introspection, a deep thinking over ourselves.

O Allah, please add to us a beneficial knowledge. Aamiin… O The Granter of Wishes.

All praises be to Allah Who Perfecting All Kindness with His mercies. May Peace and blessings of Allah be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family, and his devoted companions.


Compiled owing to the graces of Allah, at night, in Pangukan, Sleman, 4th of Jumad al ‘Uula, 1430 H.

Muhammad Abduh Tuasikal
A continuous wisher for forgiveness and mercy from his Rabb,

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