man and women in paradise

Man will be rewarded with Virgins in Paradise, what about Woman?

Man Anda Women in Paradise?


Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Shalih al Uthaymeen was asked:

It is said that men will be rewarded with virgins in Paradise, then what about the women?


Allah the Blessed, The Exalted decreed about the favor of Dwellers of Paradise, which can be translated as,

“There you shall have all that you desire and all what you will ask for. This is by way of hospitality from Him Who is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.”” [Fushilat : 31-32]

“and there shall be all that they might desire and all that their eyes might delight in. (They shall be told): “Herein shall you abide for ever.” [Az-Zukhruf : 71]

It is well-known that “zuwaj” (spouse) is something any heart desires and is obtainable for the dwellers of Paradise, men or women. Allah will match faithful women in Paradise with their previous husband in their worldly life. Allah the Exalted decreed, which can be translated as,

“Our Lord, admit them to the everlasting Gardens You have promised them and those of their fathers and spouses and progeny that were righteous. Surely You alone are Most Mighty, Most Wise;” [Ghafir: 8]

[Rewritten from the book “Fatawa Anil Iman wa Arkaniha”, compiled by Abu Muhammad Asyraf bin Abdul Maqshud, Indonesian title: Soal-Jawab Masalah Iman dan Tauhid, Published by Pustaka At-Tibyan]

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  1. Great work… But never answer the question. Typical Islamic answers.

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