Biography of The Tabeen Sufyan Ath Thauri

Biography of The Tabeen Sufyan Ath Thauri

Sufyan Ath Thauri

Sufyan Ath Thauri (97-161 H)

He is Sufyan Ibn Sa’id Ibn Masruq Ath Thauri, from the descendant of Thaur Ibn Abdi Manaf. He was named as Amirul Mu’minin fil Hadits (Leader of the believers in hadith), the leader in piety, Al Imam, and Lord of the ًguardian. He was born in Kufa, on year 97 of Hijra.

His Journey in Learning

Sufyan had began his study since he was a little kid, because his father was a scholar of Kufa. Whereas his other teachers were Zaid Ibn Harits, Al-Aswad Ibn Qais, Ziyad Ibn Ilaqa, and some other scholars. Among his students were Abdullah Ibn Mubarak, Yahya Al-Qathan, Ibn Wahab, Waki’, Al-Faryabi, Abu Nu’aim, Ahmad Ibn Yunus, and many other great scholars beside them.

Praises for Sufyan Ath Thauri

Ibn Mubarak said, “I’ve written hadith from 1100 scholars. And none of them was nobler than Sufyan.” Al Auza’i said, “There is no longer a man, whom the society has agreed to be please with him and justify him, but Sufyan.” Imam Waki’ said, “Sufyan is like a sea.” Abu Usama said,

“If there is a man who told you that he has seen a scholar like Sufyan, do not confirm him.”

Advices of Sufyan Ath Thauri

The followings are several advices given by Sufyan Ath Thauri:

The scholars are physician of religion, and wealth is the disease of religion. If the physician is contracted with the disease, when will he be able to cure other people?
There is nothing more beneficial to humans than hadith.
Seeking hadith is not aimed to get provision to die. But seeking hadith is a way to busying people with the provision of his death.
There is no single deed nobler than seeking hadith, if it is done sincerely.

The death of Imam Ath Thauri

At the end of his life, Sufyan was sought by Caliph Al Mansour and Al Mahdi. He was hiding for two years and he died in his hiding place. He died in Basra on the month of Sha’ban, year 161 of Hijra. He remembered thirty thousand hadith. He left some writings, such as: Al-Jami’ Al-Kabir and Al-Jami’ Ash-Shaghir–both are book about hadith- and a book concerning the matter of inheritance (Reference: “Tadzkirah Al-Huffazh”, by Adz Dzahabi, in Al-Maktaba Ash Shameela, no. 198)

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