Truthful – A Way to Achieve Expansion in Life, and Out from All Troubles

Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood –may Allah be pleased with him– said:

“Telling lies is improper for serious things, or in jokes. If you want, read the decree of Allah -may He be exalted-:

“O you who have believed, fear Allah, and be those who are true.” (At Tawbah/The Repentance: 119)

And then he said: “Did you get any indication of excuse (to lie) in this verse?”

Ibn Katsir –may Allah have mercy on him– said:

“Be truthful, and hold on tight to it. Verily, you will be truthful and be saved from the dooms. And verily, Allah the Holy and Exalted be He, will expand things and provide a way out to (all of) your problems.”

Al Hasan Al Basri -may Allah have mercy on him- said:

“If you to be gathered within the group of the truthful, it is compulsory for you to be zuhd in this world and restrain yourself from (oppressing) mankind.”

Reference: Tafseer Ibn Katsir (2/525-526)

(Cited from, Author: Zainul Arifin. Title: Be Truthful)


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