The Vanisher of Blessings

The Vanisher of Blessings


A woman with initial of (A-a’) from Riyadh said in her question: I read that among the impact of sins are chastisements of Allah – the Holy and Exalted- and the vanishing of blessings, thus I cried due to my fear of Allah the Holy and Exalted-, please give some advices, may Allah reward you with goodness?


No doubt that sins are among the causes of Allah’s wrath upon His creations, and among the vanisher of His blessings upon them, it holds the rain, cause the victory of the enemy, as revealed in Allah’s verse, which can be translated as:

“We afflicted the people of Pharaoh with hard times and with poor harvest that they may heed.” (The Height: 130)

And His decree:

“So We seized each for their sin. We let loose upon some a violent tornado with showers of stones; some were overtaken by a mighty Cry; some were caused to be swallowed up by the earth, and some We drowned. Allah would not wrong them, but it is they who wronged themselves.” (The Spider: 40)

Verses regarding this issue are indeed plenty.

And the Prophet -may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him- said in a valid hadith,

إِنَّ الرَّجُلَ لَيُحْرَمُ الرِّزْقَ بِالذَّنْبِ يُصِيْبُهُ

“Verily someone got his provisions being held due to the sins he committed.” [1]

Every believer, man and woman, is obliged to be wary of every sins he or she has committed and to repent from those sins, along with their kind thought of Allah, longing for His forgiveness, fear of His wrath and chastisement, as written in Allah’s decree, inside His noble Book, regarding His pious slaves.

“So We accepted his prayer and bestowed upon him John, and We made his wife fit (to bear a child). Verily they hastened in doing good works and called upon Us with longing and fear, and humbled themselves to Us.” (The Prophets: 90)

And His decree, which can be translated as,

“Those whom they call upon are themselves seeking the means of access to their Lord, each trying to be nearer to Him. They crave for His Mercy and dread His chastisement. Surely your Lord’s punishment is to be feared.” (The Night Journey: 57)

And His decree, -may He be Exalted and Glorified-:

“The believers, both men and women, are allies of one another. They enjoin good, forbid evil, establish Prayer, pay Zakah, and obey Allah and His Messenger. Surely Allah will show mercy to them. Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.” (The Repentance: 71)

It is highly suggested for the believers, men and women, to perform the legal causes in shari’a, hence he combines among the fear of Allah, longing for Him (raja’), and performing all causes, also relying himself to Allah -the Holy and Exalted- and cling onto Him to reach the things he wishes for and being saved from the feared ones.

And Allah -the Holy and Exalted, the Most Gracious, decreed, “Allah will find a way out for him who fears Allah, and will provide him sustenance from whence he never even imagined.” (The Divorce: 2-3)

And He decreed that: “Allah will create ease for him who fears Allah.” (The Divorce: 4)

And He Who decreed: “Believers, turn together, all of you, to Allah in repentance that you may attain true success.” (The Light: 31)

O sister, you must repent to Allah for all of your past sins and you must be consistent in obeying Him and thinking good of Him, be cautious of the causes of His wrath, and be pleased with plenty of goodness bestowed upon you and the commendable end.

Allah is The One Who gives guidance.


[1]. Narrated by Ibn Maja, chapter Al Fitan (the trials): 4022, and Ahmad (21881)


“Al Buhuts ” magazine, 31st ed, page 120-121, by Sheikh Ibn Baz
From the “Current Fatwas”, third book, published by Darul Haq

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