What are the number of Mizan (The Scale)

What are the number of Mizan (The Scale)?

What are the number of Mizan (The Scale)?


Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Shalih al Uthaymeen was asked,

Are there only one mizan or the scale of deed, or more?


The scholars hold different opinions regarding this matter, whether there are only one Scale or more. There are two opinions among them. The reason is because the indications regarding the Scale comes in the singular form, and also plural from. For example, the plural from is as in Allah the Exalted’s decree,

“We shall set up just scales on the Day of Resurrection” (Chapter Al Anbiya/The Prophets: 47)

“Then he whose scales weigh heavier” (Chapter Al Qari’a/The Last Day: 6)

And the example of the singular form is as in a hadith from the Prophet –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- :

“Two words that are beloved to The Most Generous, light to be spoken of, but heavy on the scale.”

Therefore, there are scholars who stated that there is only one scale, and that sometimes it is mentioned in plural based on the weighed thing or based on the ummah. That one scale is the one used to weigh the deed of Muhammad’s followers, the deed of Moses’ followers, deed of Isa’s (Jesus’) followers, and so on. Hence, in the end, the word scale sometimes is mentioned in plural form (mawazin = scales) because of there is a huge number of ummah whose deeds are to be weighed.

Scholars who stated that the number of the scale is more than one reasoned that basically it is indeed more than one (as mentioned in Allah’s decree). And it is alright if Allah the Exalted created a scale for each of the ummah, or a scale to weigh compulsory deeds, another one for voluntary deeds, etc.

But the one that has more evident is, and Allah knows best, that there is only one scale, and the plural comes from the weighed ones.

[[Rewritten from the book “Fatawa Anil Iman wa Arkaniha”, compiled by Abu Muhammad Asyraf bin Abdul Maqshud, with Indonesian title, “Soal-Jawab Masalah Iman dan Tauhid”, page 50-52, Pustaka At-Tibyan]

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