If it is in Allah's Cause, Everything will be Easy

If it is in Allah’s Cause, Everything will be Easy

If it is in Allah’s Cause, Everything will be Easy

Once, I’ve heard a tailor, who is also a heavy smoker said, “As for me, if I don’t smoke, I wont be able to cut clothes.” According to him, cigarette is his energy source, which enable him to work hard. Thus, if he is advised to abandon smoking, he’ll reason, “If I don’t smoke, I can’t work, what will my wife and kids have for food?”.

But oddly, during month Ramadan, at the time the orders of tailoring spike, he is able to finish those orders. Working day and night to avoid dead line; and of course, he works without smoking during the day because he is fasting,

Do you know why he is able to work during Ramadan without smoking, even though aside of Ramadan, it seems like cigarette is his “doping”?

The answer is because of his faith in Allah the Exalted.

If he keeps on using this reason until after Ramadan, he’ll certainly find it easy to leave smoking. There will be no reasons due to his emotional feeling, or economic reason, or prestige.

He can quit smoking with ease because of fasting. And fasting is one of Allah’s order. In the past, he often said, “Its alright not to eat, as long as I keep smoking.” But during Ramadan, he bravely said, “Its OK not to smoke, as long as I keep fasting.”

If Allah the Exalted is what a muslim aims in his life, everything will be light for him. Since there will be no force, nor mock or disgrace may stop him.

For a smoker, if the aim of him cease to smoke is the please of Allah the Exalted alone,

he’ll easily quit it. No need of the message “government’s warning”, or fee or jail threat for smoking at public facilities. He’ll still quit it because Allah the Exalted is The All-Powerful, above all of His creations.

In Allah’s Cause

“In Allah’s Cause”, that is the aim of our worship. “Faithfully and hoping for His reward”, that is how we fast, to be able to achieve Allah’s forgiveness.

“Faith” is the motivation of our worship, because be believe in Allah the Exalted. Allah the Exalted is The One Who had created us and provided our sustenances. Only He alone that is rightful to be worshipped. Because Allah the Exalted had ordered us to worship Him, and our task is to carry it out.

“Hoping for His reward”, we only hope reward of our righteous deed from Him alone. We do not do it because of other will see or hear about it; not because of other’s praises, and not because of our ambition to get worldly benefits.

Likewise, in facing calamity and hardships in life, we shall make Allah the Exalted’s please as our aim, Because we are His creatures, thus, He’ll never neglect us. Allah is the All-Knowing of what is good for us.

Even in calamity, there are plenty of rewards that Allah the Exalted provided for those who are patient in enduring it.

اللهم اجعل علمي كله صالحاً واجعله لوجهك خالصاً ولا تجعل لأحد فيه شيئأً

“O Allah, the Exalted, please make everything I do as righteous deed. Make it all to obtain Your please. Do not let it goes for anything but You, no matter how small it is.

Author: Ustadz Muhammad Yassir, Lc (Lecturer at STDI Imam Syafi’i Jember)

Article of www.whatisquran.com

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