A Grim Punishment for The Despiser of The Prophet's companion

A Grim Punishment for The Despiser of The Prophet’s companion

A Grim Punishment for the Despisers of the Prophet’s companion -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him-

Izzuddin Yusuf Al Mushili recounted:

We used to have a friend whose name was Asy Syams Ibn al Hasyisyi – he used to despise Abu Bakr and Umar -may Allah be pleased with them both – and he did it excessively…

So I told him, “O Syams, it is a terrible thing to despise them, even worse since you’re an old man! What business they owe you, they had died since 700 years ago, and Allah had decreed (which can be translated as), “Those are the people who had passed away.!”

But he replied, “By Allah, by Allah, Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman will definitely be in Hell.”

He said those words in front of general public, making me chilled, thus I raised my hands to the sky and said, “O Allah, The One Who conquer all His creations, The One Who has nothing obscure for Him, I beg You…if this ‘DOG’ is upon the truth, then please show me Your sign of power. Conversely, if he is being despotic with his action, please befall on him NOW something that can let them know that he is upon the wrong path.”

Suddenly his eyes were engorging until it almost blurted out from its socket, his body blackened as asphalt and engorged, and something gushed out from his throat, something that could kill birds.
He was taken to his house, but not until 3 days, he died and no one could bath him due to what happened to his body and eyes. He was buried – may Allah give no mercy to him- . This is a true story that happened in year 710 H.

[Reference: ” Dzail Tarikhil Islam, “, by Imam AsSakhowi Ahs Shafi’i died year 902 H] page 117
Translated by ustadz Abu Abdillah Addariny, MA

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