Biography of Muslim Scholar

Biography of Muslim Scholar – Al Qadhi Abu Yusuf (died y.181 H)

Biography of Muslim Scholar – Al Qadhi Abu Yusuf (died y.181 H)

He is Ya’qub Ibn Ibrahim Al Anshari. He was born on year 113 H.

The Journey of Abu Yusuf to study

Abu Yusuf started to study sciences since he was a small boy under the tutelage of Ibn Abi Laila, then he moved to learn sciences from Abu Hanifa. He learned sciences from Imam Abu Hanifa for a very long time. Abu Yusuf said, “I learned sciences from Abu Hanifa for seventeen years. I never absent from his lesson, whether it was Eid al Fitr or eid al Adha, unless I was sick.”

Among his teachers were Abu Hanifah, Ibn Abi Laila, Al-A’masy, Ibn Ishaq, Ats-Tsauri, and many other scholars.

He had senior students, among them was Muhammad Ibn Hasan Asy Syaibani. He was once an appointed judge for several periods of caliphate of Bani Abbasiya. He was the first one to be dubbed as ““Qadhi Qudhat” (Judge of the judges).

Abu Yusuf was known as prominent Islamic figure who had expertise in jurisprudence, Qur’an interpretation, etc. Hilal Ibn Yahya said, “Abu Yusuf memorized the tafseer, history of battles, history of Arabs, and he was an expert of jurisprudence. Beside that, he was also considered as an expert of hadith.” Yahya Ibn Ma’in said, “I’ve never seen any of the logician who was stronger and more valid in the field of hadith than the narration of Abu Yusuf.”

He died on year 182 H. He had several writings, and the famous among those writings was the book “Al Kharraj”. Among the messages that he conveyed was, “I have taken back All information that I’ve issued in my fatwas, except the ones that in accordance with the Qur’an and the Sunnah.”(See: “Tarikh Tasyri’ Al-Islami”, Master Text Book of Mediu, page. 150)

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