The Splendor of Paradise

The Splendor of Paradise – All praises be to Allah, Lord of the universe, peace and prayer of Allah be upon His messenger, his family, his companions, and those who follow him until the Last Day.

The following is a summary of the splendor and magnificence and pleasures of Paradise, according to Allah’s Book and the valid or good (in status) saying of Allah’s messenger. Inshaa Allah.

Paradise and Hell

Paradise is a place prepared only for the God-fearing of men and women, whereas the Hell is place that Allah prepared for the disbelievers and sinners -but those who are blessed by Allah the Exalted-. Both are eternal creatures of Allah, and already created now. Paradise stands on a very high place (‘Illiyin), and Hell is on a very low place (Sijjin).

The Splendor of Paradise

In Paradise, there are things which have neither been seen by an eye, nor heard by an ear, nor (even) imagined by a human being. Whoever asks Allah for Paradise three times, Paradise says: ‘O Allâh, admit him into Paradise,’ and whoever seeks refuge from the Fire three times, the Fire says: ‘O Allâh, save him from the Fire.'” [1]

There will be no death in Paradise nor in Hell, since Death will be brought on the Day of Resurrection like a black and white ram and it will be slaughtered between Paradise and the Fire, and it will be said: “O people of Paradise, it is eternal, and there will be no death. O people of the Fire, it is eternal and there will be no death.”[2], Then the joy of the people of Paradise will increase, and the sorrow of the people of the Fire will increase. Also it will be said to the people of Paradise, “Indeed, you’ll stay healthy and forever wont be sick, you’ll stay alive and forever wont be dead, you’ll stay young and forever wont get old, you’ll be please and forever wont suffer. ” [3].

In Paradise there are sea of milk, sea of water which taste doesn’t change, sea of honey, and sea of wine, from which the rivers of Paradise flow. [4] The Paradise has eight doors, and people who recited the two testimonies after performing ablution will be able to enter from whichever door he wishes [5].

Whoever accustomed to perform prayer in this world, will be called from the door of prayer. Whoever accustomed to engage in Holy wars will be called from the door of Holy War (Jihad). Whoever accustomed to fast, will be called from the door of Rayyan and whoever accustomed to spend in Allah’s cause will be called from the door of charity[6], and the door of Rayyan is special for the fasting ones. [7]

The first one to enter the Paradise is Prophet Muhammad -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- [8], the faces of the first group to enter it are like the (brilliance of, -translator) full moon, and the second group are like the twinkling stars on the sky, they do not urinate nor defecate, do not snot nor remove phlegm nor spit, their combs are from gold and their sweats are musk, their perfumes are woods of uluwwa (incense), their wives are beautiful-eyed virgins [9], their bodies are like their father’s, Prophet Adam -peace be upon him- whose height was 60 cubits [10]. The people of Paradise are inspired to recite tasbeeh and tahmeed as they were inspired to breath in this world [11], and they recite tasbeeh in the morning and evening [12].

Their prayer is “Subhaanakallahumma” (Most Holy are Thou, O Allah), their honor is greeting, and the closing of their prayer is, “Al Hamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalamiin”[13]. There are 100 levels in Paradise, which Allah has prepared to those who fought in His cause, the distance of one another is as the distance between the sky and the earth.

This, we ask Allah to give is the highest of Paradise, the Firdaus, which is the middle and highest of Paradise, above it the Great Throne of Allah, and from which the rivers of Paradise flow[14].

Inside it, a believer will be given 100 strength to eat, drink, and to sleep with his wives [15]. In Paradise there is a tent made from a hollowed-out pearl, sixty miles wide. In each corner of it there is a wife who cannot see the others, and the believer will go around to them [16].

Allah the Holy and Exalted has put a sense of pleasure ‘to them and will not be angry forever [17]. The people of Paradise will see those who live in rooms above them as they see the stars in the sky [18]. There they will be adorned with bracelets of gold,  will be arrayed in green garments of silk and rich brocade, and will recline on raised couches [18], immortal youths shall go about them [20] when you see them, you would think that they are scattered pearls [21]. they and their spouses shall be reclining on their couches in shady groves, therein there will be all kinds of fruits to eat, and they shall have all that they desire [22].

Verily the God-fearing shall be in a secure place amidst gardens and springs. Attired in silk and brocade, they shall be arrayed face to face. Thus shall it be: and We shall espouse them to fair [23]and there shall be wide-eyed maidens, beautiful as pearls hidden in their shells [24] and wherein there shall be with them well-matched, bashful mates [25]. If a woman of Paradise show themselves to the earth dwellers, she’d surely light between the earth and Paradise and the earth would be filled with perfumes, indeed, her head cover is better than the world and whatever within it[26]. Therein they shall hear no idle talk, nor any falsehood [27] but All talk will be sound and upright [28].

And inside their chests will be purged out of all traces of rancor; and they shall be seated on couches facing one another as brothers.They shall face no fatigue in it, nor shall they ever be driven out of it [29]. In Paradise there is a market to which they will come every Friday. Then the north wind will blow and will blow on their faces and garments, and increase them in beauty and elegance. Then they will return to their families having increased in beauty and elegance and their families will say to them: ‘By Allah, you have increased in beauty and elegance,’ and they will say: ‘By Allah, you too have increased in beauty and elegance.’ [30]. The people most to be the hosts of heaven are the people of Prophet Muhammad -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him-, where half of the inhabitants of Paradise are his people [31].

The Last Man to Enter The Paradise

Occupant of the lowest level of heaven will be a man who will come after the people of Paradise are admitted to Paradise, and it will be said to him: “Enter Paradise.” He will say: “O Lord, how, when the people have taken their places and have taken what they have taken?” It will be said to him: “Would it please you if you had the like of what one of the kings of the world had?” He will say: “I would be pleased, O Lord.” He will say: “You will have that, and as much again, and as much again, and as much again, and as much again.” The fifth time, he will say: “I am pleased, O Lord.” He will say: “You will have that and ten times as much, and you will have what your heart desires, and what will delight your eyes.” He will say: “I am pleased, O Lord.” [32]

O Allah, put us into Thy heaven and save us from hell.

Author: Marwan Ibn Musa

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