For You and Your Spouse to Achieve Happiness

For You and Your Spouse to Achieve Happiness

Author: Majdi Fathi Sayyid

Do not let your husband look at you while your condition will displease him. The best woman is the one who always makes her husband happy.

Let your smile always adorns your lips every time your husband look at you

Try to find your husband’s please most of the time by obeying him; the length of your obedience reflects the depth of love he feels from you, and he will be haste to be pleased with you.

Choose an appropriate timing to right your husband’s wrong

Be a broad minded wife, and do not mention your husband’s weakness in front of others at all.

Try to right his wrongs with your best effort and best love, do not attempt to hurt his feelings.

Do not praise other men in front of him except for his religious quality.

Do not Affirm other people’s negative words about your husband

Attempt to present him with deed and words that’ll please him

Try to make him respect you and respect each other in all matters

You should always feel happy to visit his parents

Do not show that your boredom to him whenever he is lacking of money. Remember that what he gives you is more than enough.

Get yourself used to laugh when he laughs, cry and saddened when he is sad. Because the united feeling will lead to love and affection.

Be quiet and attentive when he speaks.

Do not nag him in order to remind him that you’ve asked him something. Moreover, do not remind him except if you know that he is easy to be reminded.

Do not repeat the mistake that your husband dislikes, and detests to see.

Do not forget to stand up dan join your husband in his prayer, whenever he stands and performs voluntary prayer. When he recites, sit and listen to him.

Do not talk excessively about your individual dreams in front of your husband, rather, always ask him to mention his personal wish in front of you.

Do not prioritize your opinion over his opinion in every matter, big or small. Your love for him should motivate you to prioritize his opinion.

Do not perform the voluntary fast except with his permission, and do not go out except with his consent.

Keep the secret that he told you, and do not spread it even to his own parents.

Be careful not to mention that you are of a higher level than him, because it will cause him to detest you.

If one of his parent or relatives is sick, then you are obliged to visit them with him.

Customize your household equipments with the things that he favors.

Never leave your house, even though you are in a dispute with him.

Express your boredom after he leaves the house.

Accept his excuse when he cancels his promise to go out with you, because may be he is forced to answer to the people who come to him.

Avoid jealousy; indeed, jealousy is a destructive weapon.

Do not disobey your leader (husband) with the reason that he is already became your husband.

Do not talk to your husband as if you are a saint and he is a sinner.

Protect his feelings, do not express joy when he is sad, and do not cry when he is in joy.

Mention your husband’s strengths frequently in front of him.

Show your husband that you do feel what he feels, when he is unable to achieve his target and goal.

Renew your husband’s resolve when failure happens.

Avoid lies because it will hurt him.

Always remind your husband that you don’t know (how will you become) had he not marry you.

Express your gratitude and thankfulness whenever he gives you something.

Reference: “Advice to Sister Muslim”, second part, by Fathi Majdi as-Sayyid

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